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For the research on paleoenvironments, paleoclimates, and human evolution studies reliable dating approaches are essential. Age models can be based on different methods, e.

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For the Urluia loess-paleosol sequence, which provides a high-resolution record covering the Last Glacial Cycle in the Lower Danube-Black Sea area Romaniacorrelative and luminescence age models do not agree with each other Bösken et al. While the results of internal quality checks of the luminescence data speaks for a reliable chronology, the radiometric ages of samples assigned to the MIS interval based on stratigraphic evidence are significantly overestimated.

As ages in the lower half of the section do not increase with depth, field saturation has been suggested, while new measurements indicate that laboratory saturation has not been reached. This contribution presents a detailed luminescence dating approach using OSL and pIRIR protocols for fine-grain quartz and polymineral samples.

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Furthermore, the geochronology of the Vlasca loess-paleosol sequence that is located at the bank of the Danube ~40 km north of Urluia is presented. The section was chosen because it contains a vast accumulation of loess with one prominent paleosol at the bottom total height ~27 mpresumably covering a similar time-interval as the Urluia sequence.

Dating de ponei Bösken, J. Consistency challenges between correlative and luminescence age models for the last ~ ka in the Lower Danube Basin loess-paleosol sequences. How to cite: Bösken, J.

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