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However, the relevant mechanisms of action has not been clarified. This study investigated the anti-depressant activity of the total saponins from Zhimu and Baihe and the mechanisms underlying using a chronic unpredictable mild stress CUMS -induced rat model of depression. High performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection HPLC-ECD was applied to determine the levels of three monoamine neurotransmitters, 5-hydroxytryptamine 5-HTnoradrenaline NE and dopamine DAin the rat hippocampus.

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Optimized pretreatment of samples and mass spectrometry conditions were used to analyse the metabonomic profile of the hippocampus. The metabonomic profile of the hippocampus revealed 32 differential metabolites between the CUMS and control group, among which 18 metabolites were significantly recovered in the Anemarrhena saponins and Lilium saponins AL combination intervention group.

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These results suggested an anti-depressant effect of AL. Moreover, 24 metabolites in AL group were better recovered compared with the Anemarrhena saponins AS or Lilium saponins LS intervention groups, suggesting a synergetic effect of Baihe dating site and LS in the treatment of depression. The anti-depressant effect might be related to the regulation of several metabolic pathways, including monoamine neurotransmitter synthesis especially 5-HT and NEand amino acid, fatty acid, and phospholipid metabolism in rats.

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