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At the very least a way to delete multiple chapters at once rather than have to click through each individual chapter times for those of us who would rather read then delete the chapters later.

Either way, this app has been really great and I got my iPad just for this app because I want to stay in the Apple ecosystem and needed something to lug around my books in rather than carrying a bunch of heavy books I can carry them on my tablet.

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Great work so far Viz and I hope to see more improvements later. Thank you! After the update however, the app has turned into a buggy mess, especially on an iPad Air 2.

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It takes forever to load the home page, and often lags for a couple minutes when you first open it. Available chapters for subscribers load pretty slow, and sometimes require reloading the app.

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On top of all the bugs, there are still several VERY basic features missing. The new Shonen Jump subscription is a great idea and an extremely good deal.

This service has allowed me to start many new series that I now read regularly.

These niche gamer internet online dating sites are available for geeks, nerds, and some other person who falls as being a comparable category, like those whom love fantasy and anime. By delivering an online relationship environment that is saturated in individuals proudly traveling their geek banner, these niche internet sites eliminate the stigma and invite gamers to master matches in an optimistic, judgement-free area.

I hope that the problems mentioned can be fixed soon, as I do love the content offered. As fate would have it, episode 1 started and I found my inner childhood dreams resurface. Reminiscent of when I too used to read and collect comics and early manga of Astroboy, wishing so hard to be able to fly and have an ability that would set me apart from everyone else.

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I would get lost in those paper pages. But to be able to obtain my literary fuel came at great costs as a child.

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Not just monetarily but also limitations to physically getting to the one comic store in town. Every type of genre available and all at my fingertips.

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Thank you VIZ! Thank you for making me dream again! Confidențialitatea aplicației Vedeți detaliile Dezvoltatorul, VIZ Media, LLC, a indicat că comic geek dating site de confidențialitate ale aplicației pot include gestionarea datelor conform descrierii de mai jos.

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