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Officer Paul Matrafailo spoke in a way the victim "felt was inappropriate", his dismissal letter says. By a police officer who was supposed to be on my side".

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He had served with the Fayetteville Police Department for 10 years. Why are rape prosecutions falling?


He then asked about an Amazon shopping list she had posted, including a link to lingerie. He wrote: "Jw [just wondering] why u have a wish list up? Ms Scanlon said to CBS: "How did you [Mr Matrafailo] ever think that was appropriate to say to anyone ever, let alone someone you met because you're investigating their rape?

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Ms Scanlon said what was especially distressing is that Mr Matrafailo had seen all the evidence in the case, including a rape kit and pictures of her body.

Mr Matrafailo's dismissal letter details other incidents of off-duty misconduct, including excessive drinking and a domestic incident involving threats of fatal harm.

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An independent agency has launched an investigation to see if any criminal conduct had occurred, Mr West said. Mr Matrafailo could not be reached for contact.

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