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Text Random Astrology Observations Pt. I hope you all enjoy it and remember I am no professional so don't take it too seriously. Am just happy to make another one after having some bad sick days.

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Like Lilith rules repressed instinct and the 4th House rules lungs so it makes sense. Now I'm going to go off on a tangent, but I think where Aries is located in the chart could tell you how and where you're most likely to swear. This is just a theory tho mars also plays a role I find that Pluto in 1st people go through rotational periods of obsession with their interests.

Like you're obsessed with one thing and then the obsession dies down so you move on to the next interest and eventually you're obsessed with your original obsession again.

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Sun Trine Neptune culture is being mistaken for being lazy, because of how chill and laid back you come across. There are also tendencies to be self-sacrificing and easily picking up on occult topics. Ceres Conjunct Juno dating în pune kothrud Synastry means the relationship could be very nurturing.

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It will most likely be more so for the Juno person as the Ceres person will be there to care for them and help them grow, taking on the supportive role in the relationship. Mars in the 6th House could have an unhealthy obsession with doing things perfectly and could become unsatisfied or even angry when said "perfection" is not achieved.

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People with prominent Neptune or pisces placements, do you sometimes just feel like your a bystander instead of an active participant in your life?

So I always wondered why a rejection from my past crush hurt so much and well Venus Square Uranus is the personification of commitment issues.

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Sorry not sorry Personally, why are Sagittarius Suns so sexy? Like for what? Let me know if this resonates and I hope you all have a delectably sweet day. Asks answered in post: world-sky jocelynsmith.

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