Feng shui dating, A intervenit o problemă.

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May In today's modern world, it is not good enough to just do things effectively -- we need to do them efficiently, as well. From the signing of business contract and moving into new home, to launching a product or even tying the knot; everything has to move, and move very quickly too.

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There is a premium on Time, where mistakes can be indeed costly. Because by selecting a suitable date specially tailored to a specific activity or endeavour, we infuse it with the most positive energies prevalent in our environment during that particular point in rime; and that could well make the difference between "make-and-break"!

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With this book learn simple, practical methods you can employ to select not just good dates, but personalised good dates. Whether it's a personal activity such as a marriage or professional endeavour feng shui dating a launching a business, signing a contract or even acquiring assets, this book will show you how to pick the good dates and tailor them to suit the activity in question, as well as avoid the negatives ones too!