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Nanostructured materials for aplications in sensors and optoelectronic technology Project Type:Start Date: End Date: 3.

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Optical and electrical processes in hybrid nano- structured materials produced by the intercalation of the bi-dimensional crystalline structures Project Type: CEEX, Start Date: End Date: 6. One-dimensional composites based on carbon nanotubes and conjugated polymers for applications in energy storage and optoelectronic devices field Project Type: IDEAS, Start Date: End Date: 7.

Hybrid materials based on carbon nanotubes, heteropolyacids and conducting polymers for applications in energy storage field Project Type: PNII, Start Date: End Date: Physico-chemical analysis, nanostructured materials and devices for applications in the pharmaceutical field and medical in Romania Project Type: POCStart Date: End Date: View more Publications 1. Two methods were used to prepare such composites, that is, the chemical interaction of the two constituents and the electrochemical polymerization of the 3-hexyl thiophene onto the rough Au supports modified with carbon nanotubes CNTs.

Small variations in the angle of the binding were reported in the case of the composites prepared by chemical interaction of the two constituents.

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This process origins in the various de-excitation pathways which can be developed considering the energy levels diagram of the two constituents of each studied composite. At higher Fe concentrations, Bi-Fe-O interactions lead to the formation of hybrid nanostructures and off-stoichiometric Bi2Fe4O9 mullite-like structures together with an excess of iron oxide nanoparticles. To examine the effect of the Fe content on the electrochemical performance of the CXBiFe composites, the obtained powders were initially dispersed in a chitosan solution and applied on the surface of glassy carbon electrodes.

Then, the multifunctional character of the CXBiFe systems is assessed by involving the obtained modified electrodes for the detection of different analytes, such as biomarkers hydrogen peroxide and heavy metal ions i. The achieved results indicate a drop in the detection limit for H2O2 as Fe content increases. A wide range of materials such as n-alkane, saturated fatty acid, fatty acid esters etc are used as phase change materials.

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Adding conectări rapide material carbon nanofibers, activated nanocarbon, graphite nanosheets single site de dating pastor.

A simple approach was used to investigate the intumescent char formation and quantify the loss mass during vertical burning tests, in which the prepared samples were exposed for a certain time interval to a flame generated by an ethanol lamp in ambient conditions. By comparing the performances between the wood chipboard samples without any coverage and those covered with one or multiple component mixture, an increase of protection against the fire action was noticed when tyrant unleashed brawmaking three component mixture was used.

Also, an improvement of the electrical properties was observed, after flame exposure of the samples covered with multiple layers i. An assessment of market potential is also discussed. Vibrational and photoluminescence properties of these composite materials as well as their morphologies are shown by infrared IR spectroscopy, Raman scattering, photoluminescence PL and scanning electron microscopy SEM.

The influence of the pyrrole and H3PMo12O40 concentration as well as a scan rate used to recording of cyclic voltammograms that describe the electrochemical synthesis of polypyrrole PPY onto single site de dating pastor DWNTs surface is assessed.

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According to SEM investigations, DWNTs allow the realization of connections between the globular structures of the macromolecular compound. The vibrational properties of the free films depending on the weight ratio of the two thermoplastic polymers were studied.

Our results demonstrate that these films are optically active, with strong, broad, and adjustable photoluminescence by varying the amount of TPU. The crystalline structure of BaTiO3 and the influence of thermoplastic polymers on the crystallization process of these inorganic NPs were determined by X-ray diffraction XRD studies.

The incorporation of BaTiO3 NPs in the matrix of thermoplastic elastomers revealed the shift dependence of the photoluminescence PL band depending on the BaTiO3 NP concentration, which was capable of covering a wide visible spectral range. The dependencies of the dielectric relaxation phenomena with the weight of BaTiO3 NPs in thermoplastic polymers blends were also demonstrated.

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Taking into account the changes reported by Raman scattering and FTIR spectroscopy, a chemical mechanism of the assembling process for this sensor is proposed. The addition of the graphene oxide GO sheets dispersed in dimethylformamide to the reaction mixture leads to the generation of composites made of PVC spheres coated with GO sheets.

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Scanning electron microscopy studies have demonstrated that this method allows for the transformation of PVC grains with sizes between 75 and mu m into spheres with sizes varying from 0. The perspectives regarding the use of this composite as a flame-retardant material are also reported. By exposure of the solution of ASA 0.

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A different behavior was reported in the case of ASE. In the presence of PB, an increase in the intensity of the PL band of ASE simultaneously with a change of the ratio between the intensities of the bands at and nm was highlighted. Our aim was to reuse the immobilized antibody-protein G complex on a very small scale, therefore we optimized the crosslinking procedure to be used on the wells of a standard well microplate.

The method used involves the affinity binding of the antibody to the protein G surface, followed by the immobilization step using different crosslinking reagents, DMP and BS3, quenching the crosslinking reaction, and binding the antibody-specific antigen.

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By scaling down the procedure, we were able to reuse the anti-EGFR crosslinked wells more than 20 times. This method can be used to perform assays on a wide range single site de dating pastor solid supports containing the protein G in an immobilized form, including functionalized nanosensors, for immunoprecipitation, protein and cell lysate purification, target protein enrichment.

These results, along with those of the EIS measurements, show that Pr02, Pr04 and Pr06 are effective anodic inhibitors of chalcopyrite aqueous oxidation. Both Raman scattering and FTIR spectroscopy profilul online de dating tips baieti that the elemental sulfur, polysulfide and ferric oxyhydroxides that form on the surface of the mineral are not responsible when it comes to the aqueous oxidation inhibition of chalcopyrite.

Quantum chemical calculations show that the adsorption of the tested compounds on the chalcopyrite surface is energetically favorable and so, dating bine can explain the inhibiting effects that were observed. The linear dependence of the current densities of the anodic and cathodic peaks with the scan rate of the potential range 0; 0. SCE, reported during electropolymerization of 5A1N, indicates an electron transfer that is controlled by diffusion.

A covalent functionalization of the RGO sheets with P5A1N is argued by: i the simultaneous disappearance of the IR band at cm -1 and the appearance of the new IR bands atand cm -1and ii the appearance of two Raman lines at and cm An application of the RGO sheets covalently functionalized with P5A1N is demonstrated to support 1,4-phenylene diisothiocyanate PDITCa compound used as a cross-linking agent for various biological single site de dating bun dating o căptușeală. The radical polymerization of styrene in the presence of benzoyl peroxide, pentane and GO induces the appearance of new ester groups in the PS macromolecular chains remarked through an increase in the absorbance of the infrared IR band at cm These variations correlated with the covalent functionalization of the GO layers with PS.

The PS microspheres are characterized by a PL band at nm. The effect of boric acid concentration on the crystallographic structure, compositional and morphological properties of CZTS films was investigated, with the objective to understand the growth behavior and to enhance the film properties. Cyclic Voltammetry was used in order to estimate the adequate deposition potential for the CZT alloy. The x-ray diffraction analysis showed the formation of the kesterite phase in all the samples.

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The scanning electron microscopy was employed to inspect the films structure. The results indicated that increasing the concentration of boric acid affects the single site de dating pastor properties of the films. Our results demonstrate that the cationic photopolymerization reaction of the SU8 photoresist takes place predominantly under the influence of the UVA light.

The cationic photopolymerization of the SU8 photoresist is monitored by the variations of the two emission bands with maxima at similar to nm and nm. The increase in the relative intensity of the PL band at similar to nm is dependent on i the carbon nanotube concentration in the SU8 photoresist matrix; ii the type of carbon nanotubes, i.

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The results reported in this work demonstrate that PL can be used as a complementary method to Raman scattering and IR spectroscopy in the investigation of the cationic photopolymerization reaction of the SU8 negative photoresist.

A decrease in the wrapping angle of carbon nanotubes with the SU8 photoresist is highlighted by anisotropic PL studies. The ALA photodegradation was explained by considering the affinity of thiol groups for the metallic nanoparticles synthesized in the presence of trisodium citrate.

The presence of excipients did not induce further changes when ALA interacts with Ag and Au nanoparticles with sizes of 5 and 10 nm by exposure to UV light. Compared to the Raman spectrum of ALA powder, changes in Raman lines' position and relative intensities when ALA has interacted with films obtained from Au nanoparticles with sizes between 5 and 50 nm were significant.

These changes were explained by considering the chemical mechanism of surface-enhanced Raman scattering SERS spectroscopy. The photodegradation of ALA that had interacted with metallic nanoparticles was inhibited in the presence of RGO sheets. Our Raman analysis reveals several features of nonlinear behavior, such as nonlinear laser power dependencies or high enhancement of Raman lines at a low temperature due to the intrinsic nonlinear nature of CdS, a high light scattering inside the matter, and a trap-based diffusive medium in a grain-boundary system.

In particular, building up experimental evidence of conductivity at various temperatures, it is shown that the samples exhibit thermally activated conductivity due to potential local barriers revealed by a considerable fraction of the grain-boundaries in a diffusive medium.

These features are of particular interest for optical communication technology, and the fundamental application of the SRS effect is semiconductor optical amplifiers. Under excitation wavelength of nm, AC shows a PL band in the spectral range of nm, whose intensity decreases by exposure to UV light. This behavior is not influenced by the excipients or other active compounds in pharmaceutical products as demonstrated by PLE and PL single site de dating pastor.

Published:, DOI: All rights reserved. This peak shifts to nm simultaneously with an increase in the band absorbance at nm in the presence of an NaOH solution. The isosbestic aa online dating localized at nm indicates the generation of some chemical compounds in addition to MEL and NaOH.

There is a gradual decrease in the MEL PL intensity as the alkaline solution concentration added at the drug solution is increased.

In the case of the MEL samples interacting with an alkaline solution, a new photoluminescence excitation PLE band at nm appears when the exposure time to UV light reaches min. These changes are single site de dating pastor in reference to the MEL hydrolytic products. Regardless of the PB solution's pH, the UV-VIS spectra showed a gradual decrease in absorbance at nm simultaneous with an increase in the absorbance of another band in the spectral range of nm, which was downshifted under UV irradiation.

These changes were correlated with the formation of two photodegradation products, namely, pterinecarboxylic acid and p-amino-benzoyl-L-glutamic acid. Using IR spectroscopy, new evidences for the formation of the two photodegradation products of FA in PB solutions are shown.

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PLE spectra show a gradual decrease in their relative intensities after min of continuous irradiation due to photosensitivity of TiO2:N. The photodegradation process of AZA is observed by the gradual increasing in the intensity of the PL spectrum recorded under the excitation wavelength of nm. This behaviour is accompanied, in the photoluminescence excitation PLE spectra, by a gradual intensity decreasing of the PLE band situated in the nm spectral range simultaneous with the intensity increasing of the PLE band localized in the nm spectral range.

Regardless if the immunosuppressive compound is in the state of powder, tablet or solution, the PL and UV-VIS absorption spectroscopy studies have demonstrated that a photodegradation process under UV light takes place.

According to the PL studies carried out in single site de dating pastor and vacuum condition, the photodegradation process of AZA was demonstrated to be influenced by the oxygen from air.

The presence of a new IR band with maximum at cm -1 confirms the AZA photodegradation pathway proposed in this work. An interaction in solid state phase of the two constituents, i. In the first case, it single site de dating pastor shown that interaction luanda angola dating solid state phase of GO with PDITC leads to an intercalation of the organic compound between GO sheets simultaneously with the appearance of the o-thiocarbamate groups, that induces: i an enhancement of the PDITC Raman lines situated in the and cm -1 spectral ranges, ii a change in the ratio between the relative intensities of the two Raman lines peaked at and cm -1 accompanied by an up-shift in the case of the second line and iii a down-shift of the PDTIC PL band from to nm.

The presence of the amine groups in the molecular structure of the doped PDPA functionalized GO layers induces a chemical adsorption of PDITC on this platform, when the thiourea groups appear simultaneously with o-thiocarbamate groups.

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The explanation for the photoconductive behavior is built with the support of DeVore and Onsager theories. Scanning samples in both directions involves charge transport, to and from, available energy states called defect centers.

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The existence of these centers is confirmed by a decrease in the composite bandgap caused by the RGO localized states which are situated slightly above the first HOMO level in the PPV bandgap. The dispersion-based newly made nanocomposites were analyzed to determine conductivity, particle size, polydispersity and Zeta potential.

single site de dating pastor

The finished textile and leather materials were characterized in terms of functionalization treatments performance by: surface resistivity, water contact behaviour, physical-mechanical characteristics and photocatalytic properties. SEM analysis was used to investigate the distribution of nanoparticles on the textile and leather materials surface. The presence of RGO induces an up-shift of the oxidation maximum of the DPA, as a result of a covalent functionalization process of graphene sheets with the polymer in the doped state.

Regardless of the H4SiW12O40 concentration, an up-shift of the IR bands from to cm -1 to similar to and cm -1 is reported as a consequence of the compensation of positive charges of PDPA macromolecular chains with of the H4SiW12O40 heteropolyanions.

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