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People take one day at a time. They seldom look back, lest they succumb to a debilitating "nostalgia"; and if they look ahead, it is to see how they can insure themselves against the disasters almost everybody now ex­ pects. Under these conditions, selfhood becomes a kind of luxury, out of place in an age of impending austerity. Self­ hood implies a personal history, friends, family, a sense of place. Under siege, the self contracts to a defensive core, armed against adversity.

Emotional equilibrium demands a minimal self, not the imperial self of yesteryear.

Managing Money and Language as Interrelated Sign Systems

Such is the thesis, in its simplest form, advanced in these pages, in which the reader will find, accordingly, no indig­ nant outcry against contemporary "hedonism," self-seeking, egoism, indifference to the general good-the traits com­ monly associated with "narcissism. People have lost confidence in the future.

И все же Элвин отказывался признать провал своих планов - хотя бы и не оформившихся окончательно - и слушал Серанис лишь частью своего сознания.

Faced with an escalating arms race, an increase in crime and terrorism, environmental deterio­ ration, and the prospect of long-term economic decline, they have begun to prepare for the worst, sometimes by building fallout shelters and laying in provisions, more com­ monly by executing a kind of emotional retreat from the long-term commitments that presuppose a stable, secure, and orderly world. Ever since the Second World War, the end of the world has loomed as a hypothetical possibility, but the sense of danger has greatly increased in the last twenty years, not only because social and economic condi­ tions have grown objectively more unstable but because the hope of a remedial politics, a self-reformation of the political system, has sharply declined.

The hope that political action will gradually humanize industrial society has given way to a determination to survive the general wreckage or, more modestly, to hold one's own life together in the face of mounting pressures. The danger of personal disintegration encourages a sense of selfhood neither "imperial" nor "nar­ cissistic" but simply beleaguered.

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Even opposition movements-the peace movement, the environmental movement-take survival as their slogan. Of course they refer to the survival of humanity as a whole, not to the everyday psychic survival of individuals; but they still reflect and reinforce a survival mentality. They call for a "moral commitment to survival" as Richard Falk puts it in his ecological manifesto, This Endangered Planetoblivious to the danger that a commitment to survival, instead of leading to constructive political action, can just as easily lead to a mountain hideaway or to national policies designed to enable the country to survive a nuclear war.

The peace Preface I 1 7 movement and the environmental movement call attention to our society's criminal indifference to the needs of future generations, but they inadvertently reaffirm this attitude by dwelling, for example, on the dangers of overpopulation and the irresponsibility of bringing children into an already overcrowded world.

Too often they substitute an abstract interest in the future for the kind of palpable, emotional interest that enables people to make sacrifices on its behalf. In the same way, emphasis on the global dimensions of the survival issue-on the need for global controls and for the development of a "global mind"-probably helps to under­ mine attachments to a particular place and thus to weaken still further the emotional basis on which any real interest in the future has to rest.

Rootless men and women take no more interest in the future than they take in the past; but instead of reminding us of the need for roots, many advo­ cates of disarmament and environmental conservation, un­ derstandably eager to associate their cause with the survival of the planet as a whole, deplore the local associations and attachments that impede the development of a "planetary consciousness" but also make it possible for people to think constructively about the future instead of lapsing into cos­ mic panic and futuristic desperation.

In the nuclear age, survival has become an issue viteză dating ruislip over­ riding importance; but the attempt to awaken the public to its collective implications often tends to strengthen the iner­ tia it seeks to overcome.

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By drama­ tizing the dangers ahead, opposition movements inadvert­ ently strengthen the siege mentality, but they also provide the only effective antidote against it: a determination to mount a collaborative assault on the difficulties that threaten to overwhelm us.

Political action remains the dnly effective defense against disaster-political action, that is, that incor­ porates our new understanding of the dangers of unlimited economic growth, unlimited technological development, and the unlimited exploitation of nature.

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Whether it tells us much about the psychological roots of the Promethean will­ to-power to call it a purely masculine obsession, which can be countered by the "feminine" qualities of cooperation and loving care, is an important question on which I hope to shed some light; but it is a good idea to remind ourselves at the outset that militarism and runaway technology have social, economic, and political roots as well as psychological roots and that tri state dating john holt opposition to these evils, even if it often rests on shaky psychological and philosophical prem­ ises, represents an indispensable beginning in the struggle to make our world fit for human habitation.

Recent controversies about tri state dating john holt contemporary culture of "narcissism" have revealed two quite different sources of confusion. The first, alluded to already and examined in some detail in the first of the following chapters, is the confusion of narcissism with egoism and selfishness. An analysis of the siege mentality and the strategies of psychic survival it encourages the subject of chapters 11, Ill, and IV will serve not only to identify characteristic features of our culture--our protective irony and emotional disengage­ ment, our reluctance to make long-term emotional commit­ ments, our sense of powerlessness and victimization, our fascination with extreme situations and with the possibility Preface I 19 of applying their lessons to everyday life, our perception of large-scale organizations as systems of total control-but also to distinguish narcissism from ordinary self-seeking.

It will show how the prevailing social conditions, especially the fantastic mass-produced images that shape our percep­ tions of the world, not only encourage a defensive contrac­ tion of the self but blur the boundaries between the self and its surroundings. As the Greek tri state dating john holt reminds us, it is this confusion of the self and the not-self-not "egoism"-that distinguishes the plight of Narcissus.

The minimal or narcis­ sistic self is, above all, a self uncertain of its own outlines, longing either to remake the world in its own image or to merge into its environment in blissful union. The current concern with "identity" registers some of this difficulty in defining tri state dating john holt boundaries of selfhood.

So does the minimalist style in contemporary art and literature, which derives much of its subject matter from popular culture, in particu­ lar from the invasion of experience by images, and thus helps us to see that minimal selfhood is not just a defensive re­ sponse to danger but arises out of a more fundamental social transformation: the replacement of a reliable world of dur­ able objects by a world of flickering images that make it harder and harder to distinguish reality from fantasy.

This brings us to the second source of confusion about narcissism: the equation of narcissism not, this time, with selfishness and egoism but precisely with the "feminine" desire for union with the world, which some see as a correc­ tive to masculine egoism. The last three chapters in this essay attempt, among other things, to explain why the tri state dating john holt cissistic desire for union cannot be assigned a gender and why, moreover, it cannot be counted on as a remedy for the Faustian will-to-power.

I will argue that Faustian, Prome­ thean technology itself originates-insofar as we can trace it to psychological roots-in the attempt to restore narcissis­ tic illusions of omnipotence.

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But I have no intention of 20 I PRE F A CE arguing against the growing influence of women in politics and in the workplace; nor should my analysis of the narcis­ sistic elements in contemporary culture be mistaken for an attack on the "feminization of American society. In­ deed it denies any knowledge of sexual differences, just as it denies the difference between the self and the world around it.

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It seeks to restore the undifferentiated content­ ment of the womb. It seeks both self-sufficiency and self­ annihilation: opposite aspects of the same archaic experience of oneness with the world. The achievement of selfhood, which our culture makes so difficult, might be datorită istoriei online as the acknowledgment of our separation from the original source of life, combined with a continuing struggle to recapture a sense of primal union by means of activity that gives us a provisional understanding and mastery of the world without denying our limitations and dependency.

Selfhood is the painful awareness of the tension between our unlimited aspirations and our limited understanding, between our original intimations of immor­ tality and our fallen state, between oneness and separation.

A new culture-a postindustrial culture, if you like-has to be based on a recognition of these contradictions in human experience, not on a technology that tries to restore the illusion of self-sufficiency or, on the other hand, on a radical denial of selfhood that tries to restore the illusion of absolute unity with nature.

И все это залитое нестерпимым светом место покрывали сотни гигантских белых структур, настолько порой неожиданных по форме, что какое-то мгновение Олвину чудилось, будто он видит необыкновенный подземный город, Это впечатление было поразительно живым и осталось в памяти Олвина на всю жизнь. И нигде глаз его не встречал того, что он так ожидал увидеть, -- не было знакомого блеска металла, этой от века непременной принадлежности любого машинного слуги человека.

Neither Prometheus nor Narcissus will lead us out of our present predicament. Brothers under the skin, they will only lead us further down the road on which we have already traveled much too far. The energy crisis, the American defeat in Vietnam, the hostage crisis, the loss of American markets to the West Germans and the Japanese have revived old misgivings about the links between cultural decadence and national failure.

American know-how, it ap­ pears, no longer dominates the world.

Originalul Când o melodie devine populară, uneori oamenii uită sau nu știu că noul hit a apărut de fapt la un alt artist.

American technology is no longer the most advanced; the country's industrial plant is decrepit; its city streets and transport systems are falling to pieces. The question arises whether the faltering of the American economy and the failure of American tri state dating john holt eign policy do not reflect a deeper failure of morale, a cul­ tural crisis associated in some way with the collapse of "tra­ ditional values" and the emergence of a new morality of self-gratification.

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Another version, more ac­ ceptable to liberals and neoconservatives, stresses the bad effects of consumerism. In JulyPresident Carter at­ tributed the national "malaise" to the spirit of self-seeking and the pursuit of "things.

The Minimal Self

It deplores the breakdown of the work discipline and the popularization of a "fun morality" that has allegedly crippled productivity, undermined American en­ terprise, and thus weakened the country's competitive posi­ tion in the race for markets and national greatness. A third position has recently emerged in reply to the critique of "narcissism. They dismiss the idea of a national malaise or crisis of confidence. Industrial soci­ ety may be sick, in their view, but it is already giving way to a post industrial society that will consolidate the achieve­ ments of industrialism on a new basis.

Critics of consumer­ ism, they argue, miss the movement away from competitive status-seeking toward dating rapid înainte, self-exploration, per­ sonal growth, and non materialistic forms of "self-fulfill­ ment.

The only thing that justifies treating them tri state dating john holt a group is that all of them reject the diagnosis of our society as "narcissistic.

Nevertheless, much of it is deeply confused.

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For one thing, the concept of narcissism remains elusive and obscure, even though it appears eminently accessible. Those who object to the description of advanced industrial culture as a culture of narcissism do not understand very clearly what the descrip­ tion implies, while those who accept it all too quickly accept it as a journalistic slogan that merely restates moralistic plati­ tudes in the jargon of psychoanalysis.

Narcissism is a diffi­ cult idea that looks easy-a good recipe for confusion.

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Another source of confusion is the persistence of certain preconceptions derived from the controversy that divided critics of "mass culture" in the fifties and sixties from cele­ brants of cultural democracy and pluralism. Recent attempts to reformulate this debate-to salvage what was useful in the critique of mass culture by detaching it from an ill-con­ ceived defense of cultural modernism-have been misunder­ stood as attempts to revive earlier positions in their original form.

I have suggested elsewhere that the phenomenon of mass culture, too often treated from the point of view of its impact on aesthetic standards, raises questions about tech­ nology, not about the level of public taste. Advanced tech- 26 I I N I MA L SELF nologies of communication, which seem merely to facilitate the dissemination of informationon a wider scale than was possible before, prove on closer examination to impede the circulation of ideas and to concentrate control over informa­ tion in a handful of giant organizations.

Modern technology has the same effect on culture that it has on production, where it serves to assert managerial control over the labor force.

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The study of tri state dating john holt culture thus leads to the same conclusion prompted by a study viteză datând croydon surrey the mechanization of the workplace: that much advanced technology embodies by design in both senses of the word a one-way system of management and communication.

It concentrates economic and political control-and, increasingly, cultural control as well-in a small elite of corporate planners, market analysts, and social engineers. It invites popular "input" or "feed­ back" only in the form of suggestion boxes, market surveys, and public opinion polls. Technology thus comes to 0800 dating nommern as an effective instrument of social control-in the case of mass media, by short-circuiting the electoral process through opinion surveys that help to shape opinion instead of merely recording it, by reserving to the media themselves the right to select political leaders and "spokesmen," and by presenting the choice of leaders and parties as a choice among consumer goods.

This interpretation of mass culture and advanced technol­ ogy may be wrong, but it is a different argument from the old accusation that mass culture lowers public taste or from the Marxist version of this accusation, according to which mass culture brainwashes the workers and keeps them in a state of "false consciousness.

Criticism of the narcissistic elements in our culture strikes many observers as a lament for the "morally tuned, well-crafted self," in the words of Peter Clecak. It is not my position, however, as Herbert Introduction: Consumption, Narcissism, and Mass Culture I 2 7 Gans tries to summarize it, that "if commercial popular culture were eliminated, workers could and would become intellectuals.

I find it hard to imagine a less attractive prospect than a society made up of intellectuals.

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What is important is that working men and women have more control over their work. It is also important for intellectuals and workers alike to see that this question of control is not just a political or an economic question but a cultural question as well. Mass Production and Mass Consumption Still an­ other source of confusion, in recent controversies about contemporary culture, is the failure to distinguish a moralis­ tic indictment of "consumerism"-typified by Carter's com­ plaint about the obsession with "owning things, consuming things "-from an analysis that understands mass consump­ tion as part of a larger pattern of dependence, disorientation, and loss of control.

Instead of thinking of consumption as the antithesis of labor, as if the two activities called for completely different mental and emotional qualities, we need to see them as two sides of the same process. The social arrangements that support a system of mass production and mass consumption tend to discourage initiative and self­ reliance and to promote dependence, passivity, and a spec­ tatorial state of mind both at work and at play.

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Consumerism is only the other side of the degradation of work-the elimi­ nation of playfulness and craftsmanship from the process of production.

Advanced capitalism is at odds with itself, in his view: it needs consum­ ers who demand immediate gratification and deny themselves nothing, but it also needs self-denying producers willing to throw themselves into their jobs, to work long hours, and to follow instructions to the letter. Under the banner of scientific management, capitalists expropriated the technical knowl­ edge formerly exercised by workers, reformulated it as sci­ ence, and vested its control in a new managerial elite.

The managers extended their power not at the expense of the owners of industry, as is so often said, but at the expense of the workers. Nor did the eventual triumph of industrial unionism break this pattern of managerial control.

By the S, even the most militant unions had acquiesced in the division of labor between the planning and execution of work.

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Indeed the very success of the union movement was planeta luv on- line dating live on a strategic retreat from issues of worker con­ trol. Tri state dating john holt, moreover, helped to stabilize and ration­ alize the labor market and to discipline the work force.

It did not alter the arrangement whereby management controls the technology of production, the rhythm of work, and the location of plants even when these decisions affect whole communitiesleaving the worker with the task merely of carrying out orders.