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Then, in a night of destruction, great tornadoes uprooted all the trees and giant seas rushed in through the headlands.

viteza datând warrnambool

The land sunk under shattering earthquakes and the seas became void and deep, just as they are today. Earthquakes and gigantic waves that could have been more than metres high tossed the ships upside down like matchsticks, whilst the intense heat viteza datând warrnambool the masts and rigging to catch fire.

Sound incredible? These facts are recorded in the meticulous fifteenth century records of Chinese ambassador Zheng He. Historian Gavin Menzies claims that over nine hundred ships failed to return to China from Pacific expeditions in that tragic year.

Vast forests caught fire.

viteza datând warrnambool

The Chinese colonists were burned alive. Flocks of the flightless Moa bird were incinerated and became extinct. A deluge followed the fire.

viteza datând warrnambool

The Invercargill plains, including the Chinese mine shafts, were flooded. Trees were toppled by the mega-tsunami.

viteza datând warrnambool

Zheng He's records and the Maori mythology agree. Aboriginal myths from Port Phillip Bay, Newcastle, and Wilcannia on the southeast coast of Australia also describe falling debris, cataclysmic floods, earthquakes and heavenly auroral fires.

Physical evidence of wrecked junks was discovered by marine engineer Cedric Bell, who investigated the hypothesis of a fifteenth century tsunami. Magnetic instruments showed 44 large junks buried in the sand or amongst inland chevrons.

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One treasure ship was impaled in a cliff at Moorak. Two burning junks were hurled into the cliff face at Wakanui Beach, their wreckage buried deep beneath a tsunami formation enclosing a stone-built Chinese canal.

Turning viteza datând warrnambool Port Phillip Bay, there is abundant evidence for a destructive mega-tsunami.

viteza datând warrnambool

Layers of burnt cliff top and shells stretch endlessly around Port Phillip Bay and the Victorian coastline. Burnt trees protrude along the shorelines. The sand chevrons are solid evidence for tsunamis washing inland for many kilometres.

viteza datând warrnambool

Carbon dating of the burnt shell remains appears to validate the fifteenth century catastrophe. Conventional geology insists on a slow creation of Port Phillip Bay in a post 1950 de dating site age Pleistocene event occurring some ten thousand years ago.

However, recent research from the University of Melbourne confirms this formation occurred within the last thousand years.

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This was a catastrophic event. Peter Mungo Jupp.

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