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Also available for [wps-avatar-change-link], but shares other values from [wps-avatar]. This will be work in progress, but dating hollywood u rising stars have added a new admin section to easily setup global styles for your site.

How to Make a Matrimonial \u0026 Dating Website with WordPress 2019 Tutorial

Favourite friends will appear at the top of the list of friends, before non-favourites. Needs to be a friend to appear on the friends page.

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Forums: With [wps-forum-children] you wp dating site plugin already list child forums. Change Avatar: Added step1 and step2 as options for [wps-avatar-change]. For info, seconds equates to 3 days.

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Forums: [wps-forum-comment] renamed as [wps-forum-reply] so more accurate, both still work. Forums: Can disable timeouts, so forum replies can always be edited. Alerts: New setup option to retry failed sent alerts keep an eye on the Alertsshould not be necessary to set this. Usermeta: Now logs when user logins in, and records previous login.

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Usermeta: New shortcodes [wps-last-active] and [wps-last-logged-in]. Forums: Automatic redirect in admin skips taxonomy edit for all forums, redirects to Manage All Forums instead cleaner, avoids adding forum via taxonomy.

Forums: When reply to a forum post, last page is now shown if pagination on and applicable. Forums: Improved speed of [wps-forums] and [wps-forum] shortcodes.

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If pagination is enabled, the closed topics checkbox is automatically hidden. New pagination options. Activity: Added parsing to remove tags for security reasons.

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WordPress user. Default will show avatar based on context of page in the site. Marked as compatible with WordPress v4.

Forum: Fix to wps-forum table style that caused reply count to show in wrong place. Forum: New option to [wps-forums].

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Forum Activity: Fixed bug for email alerts for activity comments in some circumstances. Forum: New shortcode!

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Forums: Empty forum comments no longer cause bug. Identified vulnerability patch Marked as compatible with WordPress v4. For slight increase in performance and less markup, and to make manually applying CSS easier. Multiple minor bug fixes.

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